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Mayers Natural Spring Water originates from a single trusted artesian source located in the Kedong valley in the Great Rift Escarpment, surrounded by thousands of acres of natural forest which we actively protect and conserve through tree planting initiatives.

The water emerges naturally from the ground within a 500 acre forested ranch.

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Why Choose MAYERS Natural Spring Water
Naturally Pure Water
Mayers Natural Mineral Water is potable water that does not contain any contaminants.
Quality in Every Drop
Every Drop Matters; enjoy our tasteful clean and sweet water to quench your thirst.
Rush Delivery Service
Express delivery of our water is considered high priority and urgent delivered to the office or home doorstep.
Impeccable Service
We Deliver top-notch service to our clients is a longstanding commitment we take pride in.
Locally renowned
Our products are locally grown and its  one of the of the country’s most sought-after water.
Finest Home Water
Mayers Natural Spring Water is delivered directly to your business or residence which is the finest around.
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    • Sales Office – 48 Riverside Drive
      Westlands Nairobi
    • Factory – Mayers Farm,
      Kedong Valley. Maai Mahiu

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